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Hotel City meet with 126 Canton Faret

2019-09-23 17:09:38

?Faret meets you at Canton Fair


126th Canton fair, Canton fair
Exhibition Time: October 15-19, 2019
Faret Booth Number: Hall 6.1 D24-26
2019 at 15th-19th, 10.: 6
Faret Booth No.6.1 D24-26

Faret group has been deeply engaged in domestic and foreign markets for many years, actively responding to the "One Belt and One Road" policy, establishing long-term and stable cooperative partnership with customers from many countries, and establishing a high-quality Chinese national brand image. This Canton Fair Faret will bring a variety of new heat dissipation products and other new products to the show, sincerely invite new and old customers from all walks of life to visit and guide!

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